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Classroom word study program for teachers of spelling, vocabulary, and reading.

SPELL-Links Wordtivities

Help your K–12 students strengthen, integrate, and learn to apply multiple components of oral and written language to improve their spelling, word decoding, reading fluency, and reading comprehension; build depth and breadth of vocabulary; and enhance writing performance.


SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers

Help your students accurately spell and correctly read and comprehend unfamiliar words with SPELL-Links’ 14 meta-cognitive, meta-linguistic strategies. These 14 strategies empower students with the strategic thinking skills that ensure successful application of word study knowledge and skills to authentic reading and writing.

Includes: 1 spiral-bound instructional guide and a cloud library of reproducible materials.

SPELL-Links Word Study Resource

With this compact resource for expanding word study, you’re always prepared for any word study activity. And you’ll love how easy it is to engage students and quickly transform misspelled words and unfamiliar vocabulary into teachable moments using the dry-erasable activity templates and other resources!

SPELL-Links Word List Maker*

Save valuable time. 
Quickly search a 50,000-word database and instantly create word lists and word cards for any written or spoken language activity. Search by phoneme, letter pattern, morpheme, spelling rule, word frequency, grade level, and more!

*Word List Maker is not compatible with Mac OS. Mac users, contact us for alternative options. 

Already own the CD?  Contact us about upgrading to the digital version at a fraction of the cost!

No Expiration

SPELL-Links Wordtivities:  Includes print and digital components. Print: 1 spiral-bound activity book, one set of small and large keyword picture card manipulatives with allowable spellings. Digital*: 1 set of 4 x 5.5 keyword images for whole classroom instruction, reproducible desktop sound charts for individual student use, set of keyword picture cards for individual student use, set of student assignments sheets in PDF format. *Located in the SPELL-Links Wordtivities Companion Cloud

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers: 1 spiral-bound book; 1 pullout strategy chart; access to a cloud library of reproducible student materials

SPELL-Links Word Study Resource: 1 vinyl-bound 48-page set of resource materials; 2 dry erase markers

SPELL-Links Word List Maker:  License for use of SPELL-Links Word List Maker software on two computers with no expiration. *Not compatible with MAC OS. Mac users, contact us for alternative options.

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SPELL-Links Word List Maker*

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System Requirements: SPELL-Links Word List Maker software downloads and installs on WIN desktops and laptops. Internet connection required for downloading, installing, and using the program.


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