eStickers Online Assessment for Instructional Planning and Progress Monitoring


Focus Instruction & Document Results

SPELL-Links eStickers measures and tracks individual student progress in word study skills and helps guide instruction. Use eStickers data to focus instruction where needed, inform and support your RTI and MTSS decision-making processes, and track response to intervention.

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What does eStickers do?

▪ Measures 14 critical phonology, orthog­raphy, and morphology skills in minutes

▪ Analyzes, scores, and creates reports to document student performance

▪ Informs where to focus and re-focus instruction over time

▪ Documents progress over time

▪ Provides the student with meaningful, motivating feedback

▪ Informs your RTI and MTSS decision-making process

▪ Closes gaps more quickly

Note: Testing a student 3 times per year (e.g. fall, winter, and spring) is recommended.

Number of Administrations

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