eStickers Online Assessment for Instructional Planning and Progress Monitoring


SPELL-Links eStickers measures and tracks individual student progress in word study skills and helps guide instruction. Use eStickers data to group students (if needed), to focus instruction where most needed; to inform and support your RTI and MTSS decision-making processes; to provide students with meaningful, motivating feedback; and to track response to intervention and modify your instructional focus as needed.

Get the most out of your SPELL-Links e-Stickers data with SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers.

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What does SPELL-Links eStickers do?

▪ Measures 14 critical phonology, orthog­raphy, and semantic/morphology skills in minutes

▪ Analyzes, scores, and creates reports to document student performance

▪ Helps determine appropriate groups (if needed) and starting points

▪ Informs where to focus and re-focus instruction over time

▪ Documents progress over time

▪ Provides the student with meaningful, motivating feedback

▪ Informs your RTI and MTSS decision-making process

▪ Closes gaps more quickly

Note: Testing a student 3 times per year (e.g. fall, winter, and spring) is recommended.

Number of Administrations

3 Administrations, 10 Administrations, 20 Administrations, 50 Administrations

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