EDU Clinic Bundle


EDU Clinic Bundle – specifically created for university clinics.

SPELL-Links Assessment with Unlimited Testing

Scoring and analyzing spelling errors by hand is so incredibly time-consuming, often incomplete, and too subjective. SPELL-2 does all the work for you, pinpoints where to begin word study instruction, and prescribes exactly what to teach.

1 computer
Without Grouping Tool

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing

Meet diverse student needs with one adaptable program.
From beginning consonants to Latin and Greek word roots, from Tier 1 to SPED, SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing can be tailored to meet individual learning needs for students at all grade levels and all levels of instruction.

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word List Maker

Save valuable time. 
Quickly search a 50,000-word database and instantly create word lists and word cards for any written or spoken language activity. Search by phoneme, letter pattern, morpheme, spelling rule, word frequency, grade level, and more!


SPELL-Links Word Study Resource

With this compact resource for expanding word study, you’re always prepared for any word study activity. And you’ll love how easy it is to engage students and quickly transform misspelled words and unfamiliar vocabulary into teachable moments using the dry-erasable activity templates and other resources!

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers

Help your students accurately spell and correctly read and comprehend unfamiliar words with SPELL-Links’ 14 meta-cognitive, meta-linguistic strategies. These 14 strategies empower students with the strategic thinking skills that ensure successful application of word study knowledge and skills to authentic reading and writing.

Includes: 1 spiral-bound instructional guide and a cloud library of reproducible materials.

SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Cards & Gallery × 3

Create a sound wall that gets everyone thinking about the sounds of words and making those critical speech-to-print connections. Replacing the traditional word wall with a sound wall is a small change that has a huge impact.

Bulk Discount: Purchase 2-5 sets for $50/each. Purchase 6+ sets for $40/each. (discount taken in cart)

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Performance Evaluation for Language and Literacy, 2nd edition.
1 Win* download for single computer (unlimited test administrations) and 1 digital Examiner’s Manual.
*Not compatible with MAC OS; work-around options available; read our website FAQ before purchasing (SPELL-2);

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing, 2nd edition.
3-volume spiral-bound curriculum, access to cloud library of reproducible materials, and 1 set of letter manipulatives, 1,120 strategy stickers, 10 peel & stick 4 x 5″ labels “14 Strategies for Spelling and Reading Success” (LNX2);

SPELL-Links Word List Maker.
Instantly create word lists and word cards for any written or spoken language activity. For two Win/Mac installations. Use program on two computers (LNX_WLM.2LNE);

SPELL-Links Word Study Resource.
1 vinyl-bound 48-page set of resource materials including dry-erasable worksheets and 2 dry erase markers (LNX_WSR);

SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Cards.
3 sets of small and 3 sets of large keyword picture cards. Each card has a picture representing one of the English phonemes on front. On back (large cards only) all the allowable spellings (phoneme-grapheme correspondences) are listed. Access to digital gallery with set of printable cards. (LNX_KWPC);

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers.
1 spiral-bound instructional guide for supporting application of the 14 SPELL-Links strategies to reading and writing, cloud library of reproducible materials (LNX_BTN).

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SPELL-Links Assessment with Unlimited Testing

Number of Installs

1 computer

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Without Grouping Tool

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word List Maker

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No Expiration

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System Requirements

System Requirements: SPELL-Links Word List Maker software downloads and installs on WIN and MAC desktops and laptops. Internet connection required for downloading, installing, and using the program.


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All K–12 teachers and specialists