SPELL-Link’d™ is the online professional learning community (PLC) for all speech-to-print structured literacy enthusiasts.

Advance and empower yourself as you lead the way, make a difference, and experience the reward of using speech-to-print structured literacy instruction.

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Includes access for one person: one-year membership or unlimited on-going access membership available. Unlimited on-going access membership is a SPELL-Link’d membership that never expires as long as the service is available.

Benefits of joining SPELL-Link’d:

  • Earn up to 12 professional development hours each year.
  • Receive course completion certificates with professional development hours (PDHs) accepted by ASHA and most other agencies.
  • Access and discuss journal articles curated by Dr. Jan Wasowicz from a wide range of scientific publications.
  • Attend live events that focus on topics specific to your work setting, including School Matters and Clinical Conversations.
  • Develop teaching and clinical skills with 24/7 access to activity demonstration videos, instructional resources, live and recorded SPELL-Link’d events, collaborations with colleagues and more.
  • Communicate directly with Dr. Jan Wasowicz, SPELL-Links Certified Trainers, SPELL-Links Certified Providers, and other leading experts in language and literacy.
  • Collaborate in thoughtful conversations with like-minded and supportive professionals who inspire each other and celebrate successes.
  • Follow discussions of individual students and learn how to skillfully navigate real-life student challenges.
  • Trust information you receive in this vetted online community, away from the noise of other online communities.
  • Thrive in this niche online learning community for speech-to-print enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started on your speech-to-print journey.

Learning Objectives (for awarded Professional Development Hours):
1. Define the core principles of speech-to-print literacy instruction and name at least one method for delivering speech-to-print structured literacy instruction for each of these core principles.
2. Explain the benefits of speech-to-print, multi-linguistic, and meta-linguistic literacy instruction and describe at least three methods that can be used to engage, scaffold, and motivate students to develop and apply their phonological, orthographic, and morphological skills for reading and spelling unfamiliar words.
3. Use multiple instructional activities for improving reading and writing across sub-lexical, lexical, sentence, and discourse levels.
4. Analyze an individual’s reading and spelling errors to select and respond with appropriate methods of instruction and support.
5. Effectively advocate for speech-to-print structured literacy instruction.
6. Create instructional activities and materials that effectively deliver speech-to-print, multi-linguistic, and meta-linguistic literacy instruction.

Financial Disclosures: SPELL-Link’d is owned and operated by Learning By Design, Inc., publisher of SPELL-Links products and services. SPELL-Link’d event speakers receive compensation from Learning By Design, Inc. for their presentations.

Non-financial Disclosures: None


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