SPELL-Links Assessment with Unlimited Testing


Scoring and analyzing spelling errors by hand is so incredibly time-consuming, often incomplete, and too subjective. SPELL-2 does all the work for you, pinpoints where to begin word study instruction, and prescribes exactly what to teach.

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Link assessment to intervention and devote instructional time only where it’s needed. SPELL-2 identifies the underlying language processes that are interfering with successful reading and spelling and automatically links a student’s assessment data to specific structured language instruction by listing the corresponding lesson number and word study activities in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing – Word Study Curriculum applicable for each instructional goal.

Detect oral and written language deficits often missed by other assessments. With SPELL-2, you obtain a deep, highly sensitive, and valid measure of a student’s word study knowledge and skills. The assessment software automatically and seamlessly adapts to a student’s responses, presenting test items that are uniquely tailored for the individual student.

SPELL-2 does all the testing work for you so you can devote more of your valuable time to teaching. Administration, scoring, data interpretation, written reports, targeted intervention plans—and with the SPELL2g option, student grouping by instructional needs—it’s all done for you.

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