Strategies by the Numbers


Help your students accurately spell and correctly read and comprehend unfamiliar words with SPELL-Links’ 14 meta-cognitive, meta-linguistic strategies. These 14 strategies empower students with the strategic thinking skills that ensure successful application of word study knowledge and skills to authentic reading and writing.

Includes: 1 spiral-bound instructional guide, Quick-reference Strategy Chart, and access to the cloud library of reproducible materials.

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Help your students stop memorizing and start strategizing their way to reading and writing success. This resource provides step-by-step instructions on how to build the inner language that forms the basis of student executive functioning skills. Empower your students to become independent strategic thinkers and successful readers and writers by directly instructing the simply stated strategies and using the specific troubleshooting tips in Strategies by the Numbers.

14 Student-Empowering Strategies

  • Sound it Out!
  • Check the Order!
  • Catch the Beat!
  • Listen Up!
  • A Little Stress Will Help This Mess!
  • No Fouls!
  • Play by the Rules!
  • Use Rhyme This Time!
  • Spell What You Mean & Mean What You Spell!
  • Be Smart About Word Parts!
  • Build on the Base!
  • Invite the Relatives!
  • Fix the Funny Stuff!
  • Look it Up!

Strategies by the Numbers includes 1 spiral-bound instructional guide for supporting application of the 14 SPELL-Links Strategies for Reading and Spelling Success, Quick-reference Strategy Chart, and access to the companion cloud library of reproducible materials.

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